About The Collection - You Help Make it Yours!


The Essential Elements Collection is a line of made-to-order knit garments. The collection includes dresses, skirts, tops coats, jackets, shawls and other accessories. In  many of the items customers are afforded the opportunity to select style features to better suit their personal tastes.  

Finding Your Fit with Fitting Assistance


Customers determine their fit in the basic dress with the assistance of an Independent Fitting and Sales Associate (where available). They try on our Fitting Dresses until they find their best fit, Once the do, they can order directly online. The associates also offer additional fitting options to help customers Fine-Tune-Their Fit.

Finding Your Fit on Your Own or With us Online


For customers who do not live near a Fitting and Sales Associate, we  have provided directions for determining their own fit.  Customers can also schedule a virtual appointment and receive assistance.  We guide customers through the process using technology to facilitate the needed face-to-face interaction.


Become an Independent Fitting and Sales Associate

If you have an interest in fashion, like interacting with people and want to earn income while working independently on your own schedule, consider joining our team as an Independent Fitting and Sales Associate.

As an Independent Fitting and Sales Associate, your primary aim would be to provide the opportunity for potential customers to determine their BEST fit by trying on our fitting dresses and having a few key measurements taken. Fitting Associates conduct fitting sessions during individual appointments, Fitting Parties and Fitting Events.

You earn by providing fitting services. Additionally, you earn 25% in commissions on orders placed by customers you've acquired by helping them find their fit.